Professional Services

Green Mountain Center for Gifted Education

In addition to programs for youth and their parents, the Center also offers the following professional services.

Professional Development

These can be tailored to fit client needs.

Nature and Needs of the Gifted
Differentiating Instruction
Social and Emotional Needs of the Gifted

Graduate Coursework

available in cooperation with Johnson State College

EDU 5330 - Introduction to the Education of the Gifted and Talented

This course is for teachers, administrators, and parents interested in the education of the gifted and talented. Topics include a review of learning theories, the social implications of gifted and talented programs, and the development of programs for the gifted and talented.

EDU 5720 - Differentiating Instruction

How can we help all children to be appropriately stimulated and challenged in their learning? The answer to this question will be explored in this class. Students will review the theories behind differentiated instruction and develop practical applications of the theory for their own classrooms. They will be expected to create lessons, units, and other appropriate products from a menu of options.

EDU 6020 Creativity and Creative Problem Solving

Using various teaching modes, students learn and apply approaches to creativity, such as intuition, invention, right brain use and problem solving. Students are expected to develop projects that will encourage the use of creative techniques in the classroom.

EDU 6310 Curriculum Development and Evaluation for the Gifted and Talented

Curriculum development for the gifted and talented will be the main focus of this class. The major systems and models of programs will be examined. Methods of program evaluation in gifted education will be discussed.

EDU 6340 Social and Emotional Components of Giftedness
Course description:

An overview of the special social and emotional needs of gifted students is provided. Specific skills needed to establish and maintain an emotional and social support system for the gifted and talented, their parents, and teachers are discussed and developed.


Parent Consultations

Such consultations may include assistance with:

  • Advocacy Issues
  • Navigating Your Child's Education
  • Educational Alternatives

    Individual Child Consultations

    A full-day evaluation includes:

  • Observations of the child in two or more settings;
  • Interviews of the child, parents, and all appropriate educators who work with the child;
  • Examination, with permission, of all previous records and testing information;
  • A preliminary set of recommendations which is shared in an afternoon meeting; and
  • A full written evaluation report, including recommendations, which is sent to you within two weeks.

    Educational Support Team Consultations

    This would involve us doing the following:

  • Reviewing all relevant material before a meeting; and
  • Serving as a child's (or parent's) advocate on an Educational Support Team.

    Program and Development Consultations

    We are available to assist districts and schools at any stage in the development of services for gifted students.

    Home School Consultations

    We provide resources and direction for parents wanting to home school their children.

    Parent Discussion Groups

    We offer an eight week series of discussions on the social and development issues related to parenting gifted children.

    Parent Seminar Series

    These seminars for parents are a combination of lecture, discussion, and other types of participation in topics related to giftedness.

    Tailor-made Information Sessions

    We lead information sessions for parents and other audiences on many topics related to giftedness.

    Hourly and daily rates are available upon request.